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In behalf of all of us at North Health Direct, we would like to welcome you. Here you can find all the necessary information when it comes to mental health and common mental disorders. Mental problems not only affects sufferers but also family and friends close to them. As a way to be of aid to those who have to deal daily with mental disorders either directly or indirectly. Firstly, it's important to understand that mental problems can be caused my many different reasons and, though there are tests that can be done to see if a person could experience a few of these illnesses, most of the time they start presenting themselves slowly. You might even overlook common early symptoms that could have help you start treating it from an early age. However, you can put all those worries behind: at North Health Direct we work to properly inform you on all these problems.

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Though it hasn't always had the proper attention, mental health is an important part of our lives and should receive the same care and treatment as we usually give physical health. Naturally, being mentally healthy is not as easy as it might sound, since we're constantly affected by our daily lives. On top of this, some mental problems can be inherited, making it even more difficult to know if one's problems are caused by mental disorders or by any other reason.
For easy classification and understanding, mental problems have been divided into different types: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, impulse control and addiction disorders and personality disorders. There are other less common illnesses such as adjustment disorder, dissociative disorders, factitious disorders, sexual and gender disorders, somatoform disorders, tic disorders, among others.

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As the quote goes, information is power, and when it comes to your health, this quote couldn't be any clearer. Having all the necessary information regarding mental health is necessary when dealing with mental disorders. At North Health Direct you'll be able to find everything you could possibly need about mental problems: how to detect early symptoms, what can cause mental problems, how they are usually treated, etc. All the information you'll find here has been double checked to make sure it is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. Our goal is giving people all around the world a reliable information source about mental health, thus making it a little bit easier to cope with these problems. Without a doubt, North Health Direct is definitely the go-to source when you have questions about anything regarding mental problems.


A common mental disorder is definitely depression. Of all mental problems, depression is probably the one most people have experience at one point or another, but definitely at different degrees. Depression varies from person to person and is caused by a great variety of reasons: life's problems and changes, grief, low self-esteem issues, abuse in the past, certain illnesses or medications and substance additions. If there is a family history of depression, it can increase the chances of experiencing depression. Learning what are some common symptoms and what can cause can be of great help when dealing with this mental disorder, where early treatment can make the difference.


Pica might seem like an unknown mental problem only by thinking about its name. However, if you think more on what it actually is, you'll realize this mental disorder is actually quite common. Pica is a medical condition in which individuals crave uncommon objects to it, such as soil, stones, wood, metal, paper, soap, etc. There are even some that actually eat things that are considered part of foods, such as flour, salt, ice cubes, etc. This mental disorder is most common during childhood, but if it's not properly treated, it can continue to adulthood. Most recently, studies have shown that pregnant women can experience this mental problem regularly. This mental health issue can be caused by a number of reasons and its treatment depends completely on how severe this condition is, if it's a result from another condition, the person's age and gender, etc.


Schizophrenia is probably one of many mental problems that people have heard of thanks to its reference in movies and TV shows. However, not many people are actually informed on what this mental disorder actually is. Schizophrenia is a mental problem in which its sufferer usually experiences hallucinations, delusions, have mixed up thoughts and speech. This mental disorder can start to manifest itself in early adulthood, but doesn't exclude the possibility of it appearing further in life. Though medications are important to treat this mental problem, so is psychotherapy and rehabilitation, so that a schizophrenic can enjoy a life as normal as possible.

At North Health Direct we understand just how difficult it is to deal with a mental disorder, whether it's in you or in someone close to you. We try to ease thing a little bit providing the most reliable information on mental problems. Learn all there is to know about mental health at North Health Direct.

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